We proudly introduced the Apex™, the next generation in the BiDi® Family of Machines, to pipe producers from throughout North America during American Concrete Pipe Association's Annual Meeting. "The extension of the BiDi® product line is exciting," commented Gary Ericson, Director of Sales – Pipe. Producers agree as evidenced by the number of calls, emails and text messages received by the sales team after the Apex video debuted.  

Producers will benefit from the innovative, automated features that make it simple to operate, including new Edge™ machine controls. The Apex is designed for production versatility and consistency.

The Apex is built Besser tough. It sports a beefy frame and durable components. Apex retains many of the time-proven BiDi® features and incorporates improvements suggested by current BiDi® owners.  The Apex will be available to producers this Summer in multiple sizes, one is sure to meet your needs.
Contact your Besser Sales Representative for additional information.

Paulson Promoted – Pipe
Nick Paulson is now our newest Sales Representative for the western United States. A familiar face at American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) and National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) events, he’s primarily assisting pipe and precast producers with capital equipment, parts, service, and training.
Hired in 2017, as a Customer Service Representative, Nick began his career equipped with the knowledge and experience he gained working at Forterra Pipe and Precast in South Dakota and his education from the University of South Dakota. You can reach Nick at +1.712.202.1862 or
Two Legends Retire
The entire Besser Team joins in wishing Betsy and Jerry retirements filled with joy and good health.
Betsy Boyk, one of the most well-known Besser Team Members, concluded her 50-year career at the end of April. Originally hired as a Stenographer for the Personnel Department, Betsy’s eye for detail, stellar communications skills along with her ability to quickly adapt to change, opened doors to many different positions within the company.
Betsy’s commitment to customer satisfaction is well known. She’s assisted customers and co-workers while working in the Customer Service, Administration and Sales Departments. In her role as Regional Sales Administrator, reporting to Kevin Curtis, Vice President at that time, she worked closely with our Sales Team to collect customer documentation, manage the fleet program, create proposals, organize the Bes-Air schedules (back when Besser Company owned our own airplane), coordinate Blockmakers Workshops® and plant tours, and support overall sales and marketing efforts. Kevin, now CEO, credits Betsy with having the very best customer and equipment knowledge of anyone in the Company.
Jerry Cowden, longtime member of the pipe industry, most recently serving as the Besser Sales Representative for the western United States officially retired at the end of February. Jerry’s list of accomplishments is impressive and includes serving as Chairman of the ACPA where he generously shared his knowledge and experience for the betterment of the industry. As a producer he gained hands-on knowledge of all aspects of the concrete pipe industry, from production and sales to executive management and government relations.
His role at Besser was a fitting conclusion to his career, allowing him to mentor new industry members and collaborate with staff throughout Besser all while working alongside his good friend Gary Ericson, Director of Sales – Pipe.
Packerhead Alignment

If you can see that the pipe you’re producing are thicker on one side than the other, there’s an issue with your Packerhead alignment.

This is caused when:
• There are shims under the centering plates or the mold
• The bottom centering plates shift side to side or front to back
• The top table isn’t lifting level
• The crosshead is tracking off the centerline and not vertically
Follow these simple steps, using plumbs and string lines, to establish dimensions to perfectly align your Packerhead:
1. Attach a string line to the Packershaft and measure from the string to the bottom plate and top plate.
a. Place two plumbs on the Packershaft, approximately 90 degrees apart.
b. The dimension should be same at the bottom of the stroke as it is at the top. This ensures the shafts travel on the same plane from the bottom of the stroke to the top.
2. Check the bell down unit for plumb and level and make sure it’s centered on the Packershaft.
3. Make sure the turntable turns freely and is level.
A worn table race or broken bottom centering plate and table hardware will cause issues with Packerhead alignment.
We’re here to assist you if you have questions about this process. Call us at +1.989.354.1000. We’ll be happy to assist you and if necessary, can arrange for a technician to train your staff in your facility.
Seeking Project Photos
Have you supplied concrete products to projects that you’re especially proud of? Would you like to show them to a global audience passionate about concrete products? If you’ve answered yes, please share high resolution photos, along with a completed photo release form, with Terri Grulke,, either via email or file share. As a thank you, once the 2021 calendars are printed, we’ll send you a supply of calendars you can share with the project's architect, contractors and building owner.
Project photos featured in the 2020 calendar were generously supplied by producers. Shown clockwise, beginning with the cover, are projects shared by Zapalla Block, Best Block Construction Materials and Mutual Materials.
If you have any questions, please contact Terri Grulke at +1.989.906.1448. The deadline for photo submittal is Friday, 17 July 2020.
Do you need an extra mold frame or two in your plant?  Do you have existing frames that have been welded and reworked in order to keep them together?  Now is the time to order replacements. We’re offering discounted pricing on mold frames until Wednesday, 17 June 2020.

A typical frame includes mold side bars, division plates, end liners, and a mold top plate. However, you can add a stripper head plate, cutoff bar assembly, or an agitator grid. Prices and delivery times will vary based on your machine model.
For more information on this promotion, please contact Brian Budnik, Director of Mold Sales, at or +1.989.354.1012
7-5/8" Wide Mold

Besser currently has Mold Assembly 02-469606, for 7-5/8" wide x 7-5/8" high x 15-5/8" long 2 core unit numbers 02-223924 & 02-353094, in stock and ready to ship.

Mold Assembly Specifications:

  • 1-1/4" face shell
  • Permanent Plain Ends (PPBE) in 2 compartments
  • Permanent Plain One End (PPOE) and Bubble Sash (SSBE) in 1 compartment
  • Hand hold on center tie
  • Designed for running on Besser V3-R, V3-12, and Dynapac Concrete Products Machines

Please contact Brian Budnik, Director of Mold Sales, at or +1.989.354.1012, for additional information about this, or any other mold for Besser and competitive model concrete products machines.
Be Resilient
American Concrete Pipe Association’s Annual Meeting

"Resilient is ACPA’s word of the year," shared Doug Dayton P.E., new ACPA President.  It describes the initiatives and actions that the association is taking to dominate the infrastructure market by combatting plastic pipe and growing the market share for concrete pipe. He shared this message during the ACPA’s Annual Meeting which was conducted via Zoom, rather than in person, in Duck Key, Florida as originally planned.

Highlights of the meeting included hearing the accomplishments of member volunteers and staff. Among the significant achievements are specification changes, the creation of a laser focused marketing program, and positive results from research conducted by the ACPA Foundation.

The shortened format was comprised of pre-recorded segments. Portions of the general session went "live" to give participants the ability to discuss issues and vote. The Board of Director’s meeting followed the general session. The second day featured regional and committee presentations with time between reports filled with presentations from associate members.

The next ACPA Pipe School and Trade Show will be held, 1-4 February 2021, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Frisco, Texas. Visit the ACPA website,, for more information.

PaveDrain Selected for "Green" Infrastructure Project
In the winter of 2015, the City of Cudahy, Wisconsin worked with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District to design their first Green Infrastructure project. City officials selected the PaveDrain system because it features an open joint concept that doesn’t require aggregate between the joints. The officials embraced the concept, citing the life cycle ROI, recognizing that the low long-term maintenance costs associated with PaveDrain would more than offset the city’s higher initial investment. The city’s maintenance records confirm that they were correct. Credit goes to Todd Weik Sr., a Design Engineer at CBC Engineers, who designed the 5000 square foot project.  

The 12" x 12" PaveDrain blocks were manufactured at Rochester Concrete Products in Juneau, Wisconsin on a Besser V3-12 Vibrapac® Concrete Products Machine equipped with a core puller.  "The PaveDrain produced by Rochester Concrete Products  consistently exceed our stringent quality specifications. The precision of their Besser V3-12 Vibrapac® concrete products machine combined with a spot-on mix design produces awesome PaveDrain," boasts Jeremy Dant, National Operations Manager of PaveDrain, LLC.

PaveDrain’s use of an aggregate base, designed for water storage, filtration and conveyance instead of a traditional asphalt base, kept the project moving during the challenging winter weather conditions. A team from Rochester Block, working under the direction of All-Ways Contractors Inc., completed the installation.

So that our employees can spend the Memorial Day Holiday with family and friends our US offices will be closed on Monday, 25 May 2020.
Customers can reach us during this time by calling
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Customer Connect is being upgraded and will be unavailable from 22–26 May. During this time please email orders to; parts ordered during this time will be processed the next business day.
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