Why Choose Besser?

“The success of Besser today is built upon the successes of our past. The vision for the future, the persistence for perfection, and the innovation for our customers that Jesse Besser brought to the table years ago remain a vital part of the Besser culture today.” (excerpted from
The Concrete Century).   From family-owned to employee-owned, the Besser team still wholly supports and respects the fundamental business practices established over a century ago.  

Since 1904, we have been trusted to provide the best service, the best quality, and the best solutions to customers around the world.  Earning and maintaining your trust through the years comes as no small responsibility.  In fact, we have established a dedicated team to ensure that we continue to exceed expectations in all areas of customer service.  Our new Customer Experience (CE) team is comprised with familiar and tenured industry professionals, aimed at evaluating effective and value-added ways to improve our overall customer experience.

Besser Company is a Strategic Business Partner, not just an equipment supplier.  The development of the CE Team is one of many steps we are taking to drive unmatched value for our boss: You, our Customer,” commented Ryan Suszek, President.
The concept is simple, but the mechanics are complex.  From proposal to post-ship support, Rick Dolly and Ralph Schlereth, Regional Sales Managers, Ron Gunderman, Director of Parts and Support, Bruce Muenchow, Technical Service Manager, and Chandra Nagarajan, Applications Engineering and Products Manager have teamed up to systematically enhance all aspects of your experience at Besser. Leading this team is Doug Rozema, newly promoted VP of Customer Experience.  Doug stated, “We have been walking your production floors, rolling up our sleeves, and sharing in your wins and losses for a combined tenure of 120+ years. This team knows what it takes to run a successful operation.”

Stick with us – your experience with Besser is only going to get better.

Besser Sponsors NCMA Virtual Midyear Meeting

Instead of striking up conversation, networking over cocktails and discussing the future in Milwaukee, members of the concrete masonry industry met online during NCMA’s virtual midyear meeting. “We definitely missed the in-person experience, however appreciate that the NCMA was able to bring us all together,” shared Ryan Suszek, President. The event held 4 – 6 August, was well attended with 380 registrants. Industry members benefited from information shared during 22 sessions presented by 34 speakers over 30 hours. More than 2000 virtual interactions took place during the forums, sessions, and social hours. A benefit of the online format was that many industry members attended that have never, or haven’t recently, attended a midyear meeting. “Getting more people involved in our industry benefits us all,” commented NCMA President, Robert Thomas. Recordings of the sessions will be available at until 15 September.

We created a spot that was aired during midyear. Click the image below to watch!

Mold Dimensions

8” (190 mm) molds are constructed 1/16” short of the full modular length of 15-5/8”; that is molds are constructed with a 15-9/16” long cavity (as compared to a 15-5/8” modular length). The molds are constructed modular in width, for example, a new standard mold is 7-5/8” wide x 7-5/8” high x 15-9/16” long (190 mm x190 mm x 390 mm). The 15-9/16” dimension is within the accepted tolerance to provide longer mold life. After the initial wear, the mold is the full modular length of 15-5/8” long.

Besser supplies tools to that make building and maintaining your molds easier. The Besser Mold Jig is designed for holding the mold while changing the liners, division plates, cores, and vibrator shafts. When clamped in the jig, the mold can be revolved 360 degrees and locked in any one of eight positions. It holds the stripper head at a workbench height for easy shoe changing. The Besser Stripper Shoe Set-Up Gauge corrects spacing and alignment. This reduces wear on division plates, end liners, and related parts. Another benefit is that the set-up gauge doubles in usefulness as a guide to indicate bent plungers. The savings in mold parts alone will pay for a complete set of stripper shoe set-up gauges.

Please contact Brian Budnik, Director of Mold Sales, at or +1.989.354.1012 with questions or for more information.
Fall 2020 Blockmakers Workshops® Rescheduled

The health and safety of industry members attending Blockmakers Workshops® is our priority. Due to the many uncertainties associated with the pandemic, including travel and workplace safety, the four Workshops scheduled at the WCCT for September and October are being rescheduled for January 2021. Courses impacted in September are Concrete Masonry Technology (7 – 11) and Advanced Concrete Masonry Technology (14 – 18) and in October, Vibrapac® (5 – 9) and Product Handling & Curing (12 – 16).

You can trust that when Workshops resume at the WCCT we will be taking all necessary precautions to provide a safe learning environment. A detailed list of the precautions, including cleaning of the facility, will be shared in future announcements.  We will communicate the most current information about the rescheduled Workshops in a timely fashion so that you can plan appropriately.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Blockmakers to experience the industry’s most comprehensive immersive training experience.  If you have any questions, please contact Chandra Nagarajan at or +1.989.354.1073.

News from Aircrete

A Gamechanger for US AAC Market
Aercon USA engages Aircrete Europe to upgrade its old tilt-cake cutting line to the latest Aircrete AAC machinery and flat-cake technology for panels production. Thin lightweight panels with super smooth surfaces have a lot of potential in the USA market, since they are a fast and cost-effective way of constructing in the form of external facades and cladding systems.
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New Office in China
The growing demand and the global shift to an AAC panel-based building solution have increased the requirements for the unique Aircrete flat-cake AAC panel production technology to be locally presented in China. Aircrete Europe made an entry in the world`s highest potential market by opening its own office in Shanghai, China.  
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First Cake Cut with Remote Commissioning
The first cake cut with full remote commissioning took place in June. This is one of the many remote and on-line solutions included in the Aircrete Stay Connected. program. Despite the international travel bans during the COVID-19 pandemic, Aircrete continues to support their global customers anywhere and anytime with their Aircrete Stay Connected. program.
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Flat cake cutting line.
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