April Showers Bring May Discounts: Precast Parts and Pipe Machine Trowel Segments

Besser recommends that you inspect your forms daily after cleaning is complete. Plant staff should check for dimensionality and for "squareness," cracked or broken welds, lose or missing nuts and bolts along with broken locks, collapsers, blockouts, pins and plugs. If you’re using a cheater bar to operate cores or jackets this is a sure sign that there is something wrong.

Refer to our parts diagrams and parts lists to help you easily identify replacement parts for jacket expanders, jacket lock assemblies and core collapsing sub-assemblies.  Make your list, contact your Besser Sales Representative and receive a 5% discount on all high-quality precast parts ordered in May. You can reach Denny Anderson, Brian Christle, Jason Edson and Jeff Kern  at +1.515.432.3553 or by emailing them if you prefer.

*Exclusions may apply, ask your Besser Sales Representative
Steps for Packerhead Maintenance

Scott Kennedy, Technical Service Manager – Pipe, has created a useful list of guidelines to follow that will help make sure that your Packerhead’s rollers and segments are kept in tolerance.

  1. The rollers should be adjusted to flush, or even, with the outer edge of the segments or trowels. This works best when the eccentric bushings are maintained and greased frequently using EP2 grease.

  2. The hood and the fin should be set 3/8" inside the trowel edge and must have nice edges and chamfered tops to eliminate mechanical interference with headers, spigot formers and reinforcements.

  3. Remove dried concrete from the rollers and frames to help balance the head. Weigh the rollers prior to assembly to make it easier to ensure the head is as balanced as possible. Balancing the head will help limit shaft wobble and shaking.

  4. The diameters of the trowels should be measured, with a diameter tape, once per week or every morning if your aggregates are abrasive. Before shimming trowels consult the manufacturers’ machine operations manual and follow their instructions. Unless plant staff is properly trained in reading a diameter tape it’s not recommended to shim trowels.

  5. Replacing worn trowels, those that are at the minimal allowed variance, is always the best option. Besser is offering a 5% discount on Ni-Hard trowel segments ordered in May.
We’re here to assist you maintain and troubleshoot your Besser equipment. When you call +1.989.354.1000 please have the model and serial number of your machine (If available) to allow us to quickly access the information that applies to your machine.
Monthly Mold Promotion: 7-5/8" Wide Mold

Mold assembly, 02-732619, for producing 7-5/8" wide x 7-5/8" high x 15-5/8" long 2 core products, unit numbers 02-251205 & 02-353094, will be available for immediate shipment on 15 May.

Mold Assembly Specifications:
  • 1-1/4" face shell

  • Open End Both End (OEBE) with mortar grooves in 2 compartments

  • Permanent Plain One End (PPOE) and Bubble Sash (SSBE) in 1 compartment

  • Hand hold on center tie

  • Designed for running on all Besser 3 at-a-time Concrete Products Machines

Normal List Price: $15,100 – Special Promotion Price = $13,280
Additional information about this, or other molds for Besser and competitive model concrete products machines, is available from Brian Budnik, Director of Mold Sales, at or +1.989.354.1012.
Besser Pride
A Besser logo, branded into the boards of a crate used to ship Besser parts, has found a permanent home in a handcrafted antique frame commissioned by Phillip Bero, Maintenance Supervisor at Oldcastle in West Phoenix, Arizona. "People constantly compliment my taste in art," he explained.

Phil’s been in the industry for 10 years, spending the last 7 at Superlite where he encountered his first Besser machine as an operator. His vision for repurposing the crate speaks to his creativity, his resourcefulness and his fondness for Besser.

"I felt an overwhelming sense of pride when I saw Phil’s art," shared Brian Motley, veteran Besser Sales Representative. He continued, "It was a fabulous reminder of why we do what we do!"

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